Infrared Thermography Audit

Hot spots are commonly occurring thermal phenomena; thermal imaging is a technique that measures the radiant heat pattern. Thermography is a non-destructive test method to detect poor terminations, unbalanced loads, deteriorate insulation, and detect the system cooling problems in all our energized electrical equipment.

The thermography audit plays a very important role in Energy Audit and Power Quality Audit services and maintenance program. It provides the integrity of electrical infrastructure and other control equipment, motors, server racks, etc. from their heat emissivity, temperature variations, and cooing distribution perspective. This service is intended to provide guidance for maintaining the electrical infrastructure and equipment under a survey to improve reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. During this IRT audit, our engineers will conduct a thorough survey of the target area/equipment, gather IR Photos, and conduct physical examinations. With the gathered site data, we prepare a comprehensive report and analysis that will include recommendations for maintenance which help the maintenance department to identify the problems before it leads to an unpredictable failure or leads to equipment damages or downtime of the facility.

Key Benefits
  • It’s a contact-free method to find out, critical, and energized electrical facility fault finding (hotspot) which is impossible to see with naked eyes.
  • It’s reducing downtime to help the preventative maintenance plan.
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