Electrical Power Quality Audit Service

Clean power is an essential requirement for almost all industry to sustain reliability and performance. It requires regular monitoring of all critical electrical parameters and addresses the deviations captured proactively to prompt any sudden failure or malfunctioning of sensitive equipment. Our engineers will perform a visual inspection including checking of proper installation practices, inspection of conductor sizing as per actual maximum electrical loading, damaged equipment labelling of circuits etc. We also review maintenance records for the electrical infrastructure and provide recommendations to improve practices as necessary.

We carryout to do the Electrical Power Quality Audit at Data centre, telecommunication equipment, all Medical equipment like MRI, CT, Pet CT, Distributed control system(DCS) Facility and PLC Facility etc. Our team will record all the power circuit diagram, facility walk through with physical inspection, utilisation of existing power conditioning equipment and measure various power quality parameters at required points in the facility power system. Based on these analyses we submit a Power Quality Audit Report with appropriate recommendations to improvise the power quality as per international standards and practices. This ensures reliable operation of sensitive equipment and maximises business up time. Power Quality Audit service is available for a standalone service or integrated into a regular maintenance program to extend equipment life and reliability of infrastructure hardware, guaranteeing the optimum level of system availability.

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