Soil Resistance analysis Audit and Grounding System Audit

Soil Resistivity or Ground Resistance measurement is the most essential consideration; when we are planning to determine the designs of the new Earthing system, to obtain your ground resistance according to your sensitive electronic equipment smooth functioning. We need to know that the poor soil conditions can be overcome with more elaborate grounding systems. So first we find a location with the lowest possible resistance and also not far from the equipment which you planed to grounding. The soil resistivity analysis value depends on impact to moisture content, composition and temperature. Soil is infrequently homogeneous and the resistivity of the soil will vary geographically and at different soil depths.

Our service covers the design, assessment, construction, measurement and maintenance of earthing systems. It is a requirement that electricity companies design, install and maintain their earth systems to take into account the above factors. Our engineering team studies the site conditions, soil resistivity testing, equi-potential bonding issues etc. We design grounding system based on the site analysis and calculated fault current levels to achieve stable resistance value in all weather conditions. Our grounding system audit service provides a greater support to the facility’s maintenance department.

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